Scare Hunger restaurant specials

Norwood Hotel

    - The Ghastly Burger Platter at a price of $15.

​ERA Bistro 


Dips- served with pita, choose one - tzatziki, olive tapenade humus or  kopanisto.

  #1  Caramel pork tenderloin Spice rubbed finished with a caramel  sause.
  #2   Stuffed chicken Supream chicken stuffed with  spinach + feta draped with Dijon white wine lemon sause. 

Both Entrees are served with grilled fresh vegetables and your choice of rice pilaf, mashed or oven roasted potatoes. 

Bread pudding homemade, baked delicate custard-finished with a caramel sause + vanilla ice cream.

- Pumpkin gnocchi sautéed in brown butter with onions & sage $7.
- Pork tenderloin roulade stuffed with gala apples, walnuts and herbs. Accompanied with sweet potato pave, and roasted seasonal vegetables. $16

​- In house made treats such as candy corn, taffy, jelly beans, and chocolate $7

31% of all our noodle boxes will go to help the Lighthouse Mission

Deluxe cheeseburger plater. $13.50

Smith restaurant will donate for every catch of the day meal ordered during the weekend.

Nook & Cranny

Keep an eye out for more exciting information on this this event in fall of 2017

​Lighthouse Mission has partnered with a number of local restaurants to help Winnipeg’s less fortunate through its Scare Hunger initiative this weekend. With participating restaurants donating a percentage of the proceeds from select dishes to the Mission, everyone can enjoy a great meal while helping those in need! 


Scare Hunger 2016

Easy and fun, this event will ran from October 28th - 30th, 2016. All you needed to do was:

1. Pick a restaurant from our list of participants.

2. Phone family or friends and invite them to join you for a night out for a great cause.

3. Go to the restaurant of your choice…order the Scare Hunger special. A portion of the cost of your meal will go directly to help supply meals at Lighthouse Mission.

4. Enjoy your meal, letting your family and friends know they matter, while supporting Lighthouse Mission “Everyone Matters” community.

Gus & Tony's


Steve's Bistro



8 oz Sirloin with shrimp, served with a started soup or salad.  $28.95


​​​Halloween, Scare Hunger Campaign. 

Togorashi Spiced Arctic Char Rice Bowl: Masago w/ edamame, cucumber, sweet carrots, sesame seeds, nori, spicy mayo and unary sauce $16

Roasted chicken cacciatore served with pumpkin risotto and chefs vegetable medley $30