Everyone Matters

Snippets of Love

On October 14, hairdressers will take over Lighthouse Mission on their own mission to give back through the simple act of cutting people’s hair!

Join us on a Friday night for Church and Chili

The evening begins at 6:30 and wraps up at 8:00. Most weeks a local church, small group, or youth group joins us for the evening to serve and minister to those who attend. Does your church group want to volunteer?

About Us

Lighthouse Mission has served the less fortunate in inner-city Winnipeg since 1911. In our over a century of service, Lighthouse Mission has provided food, friendship, hope, joy and love to those in need in our community. As Lighthouse Mission grows, we remain committed to serving Winnipeg’s less fortunate with excellence and providing an opportunity through which the church and community can compassionately care for the poor and homeless. Your generosity and support makes it possible for Lighthouse Mission to continue to meet our communities needs.

Weekly Schedule


9 – 12. Coffee Time.

2 – 3:30. Lunch Service.



9 – 12. Coffee Time.

11. Bible Study & Prayer Time (Upstairs Meeting Room)

2 – 3:30. Lunch Service.


9 – 12. Coffee Time.

2 – 3:30. Lunch Service.



9 – 12. Coffee Time.

9 – 11. Food Bank.

2 – 3:30. Lunch Service.


6:30 – 8. Chili & Church.

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Annual events in our community

  • Snippets of Love – Offering haircuts to those in need
  • Reese Pieces – Bake sales supporting the mission
  • Begging for change – Banquet
  • Scare hunger – A night out in support of the Lighthouse

For more information on these any of these events or if you are interested in helping the Lighthouse Mission, please visit our events page.