We are a community-minded Christian organization.​

If you extend your soul to the hungry And satisfy the afflicted soul, Then your light shall dawn in the darkness, And your darkness shall be as the noonday.
Isaiah 58:10 (NKJV)


Lighthouse Mission has served those less fortunate in Winnipeg’s inner-city since 1911. With over a century of service, the Mission continues to deliver food, friendship, hope, joy and love to those in need. As Lighthouse grows, we remain committed to serving the poor and homeless, while providing an opportunity for the church and community to partner with us.

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Our History

Lighthouse Mission has been serving the less fortunate in inner-city Winnipeg since 1911. In our over a century of service, Lighthouse has provided food, clothing, prayer, spiritual guidance, friendship, hope, joy, and love to those in need in our community.

Many are not aware that Lighthouse began as a local church and didn’t become a soup kitchen until the 1930’s when, due to the depression, a dramatic increase in homelessness and unemployment demanded crisis intervention in the form of food assistance.

Today, Lighthouse Mission continues to meet crisis needs when they arise but also embraces its original local church essence. We believe a person is created both physical and spiritual and strive to meet the needs of both.

Who we are…

Located at 669 Main St, Lighthouse Mission is a non-profit organization in the Point Douglas neighbourhood of Winnipeg’s core. As a registered Canadian charity and Christian agency, we partner with local organizations, churches, businesses and individuals to provide hope, support and encouragement to the material poor in such a way that restores dignity, community, stewardship, and spiritual intimacy with God. We are highly relational in our approach to poverty alleviation because we believe healthy communities can not exist unless the individuals in that community are experiencing healthy relationships with God, with others, with themselves, and with their environment.

We practice Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) which is a fancy way of saying that we look for, and focus positively on, the passions and skills of low income people, supporting and encouraging them to build on their own actions, gifts and resources thereby improving their lives and the lives of those around them. We desire to move people away from dependency on relief agencies by helping the impoverished become productive such that they can care for their own needs and the needs of others. At Lighthouse we walk along side people who are poor, breaking the spiritual, social, and material bonds of poverty.

Statement of Faith

We are Gospel focused, Christ centered, faith-based Christian mission, fueled by passionate Christians with a deep concern for the poor and marginalized living in the city of Winnipeg. We agree with God’s glorious purpose to save, rescue and heal broken people by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We stand united with the church for the advancement of the gospel to the poorest people in our city and for the full and gladdening harvest of lost souls to Jesus Christ. We are convinced that such a harvest will be evident in the form of many addicts, mentally ill and financially poor people finding hope, joy, love, compassion, grace and mercy in Jesus Christ as we minister to their needs at Lighthouse Mission. We desire to reflect God’s love to each person we serve and to bear faithful witness to the glory of God and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to save the hungry, the homeless and the hurting in Winnipeg’s inner city.


Pastor Dalton Mitchell, Operations Manager

Dalton stays busy putting his handy-man qualities to good use maintaining our ancient building and overseeing the day to day activities in the mission. Dalton also acts in a Pastoral role, teaching and leading the Bible Studies as well as the Friday Night Church Services at Lighthouse. Dalton is a true servant of all with a big heart for the community of people we help.

Richard Kunzelman – Door-to-Door Ambassador

Richard is the longest-standing staff member at Lighthouse Mission. As a faithful employee, Richard has a genuine heart to help those less fortunate and has served in many capacities at the Mission.
Richard is most recognized for representing the Mission as a door-to-door ambassador.